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OvO - "Queer Fight" Single

"Queer Fight" Stream the single and pre-order the album, here:

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"Queer Fight is our personal ode to positive rage. It is the metaphor of everyday life: people fighting rules which don’t give space for diversity, a challenge against the inflexibility of the society. It wants to be a motto for a united fight for everybody’s freedom."

"Queer Fight" is our new single from upcoming, ninth album "Miasma" on Artoffact Records; European tour kicks off in February

 Miasma will be released on February 7th by Artoffact Records.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2020 – with over 1,000 shows played, nine studio albums released, and a slew of splits and live recordings – OvO is a singular force in the underground. With a mix of electronic and acoustic instruments, founding members Stefania Pedretti and Bruno Dorella take influence from the likes of Swans and Diamanda Galas, pounding out a theatrical and harrowing mix of what Stereogum has described as "music – rhythmic noise, really – owing equal debts to extreme metal, noise rock, industrial music, and dark electronica." Pitchfork has compared Pedretti's vocals to Yoko Ono, and Decibel has hailed the band's sound as “a David Lynch dance party.”

OvO's ninth album, Miasma, features guest appearances by members of Årabrot, The Soft Moon, Gnučči, and more, and sees OvO continue down its path, mixing tribalism and futurism by way of radical cross-contaminations of sounds, rhythms, and genres.

OvO's fiercely independent ethos and grinding live schedule have earned the band a rep as "the Jucifer of Europe," with a worldwide fanbase expecting nothing but the most daring and innovative music. OvO has performed at festivals on nearly every continent, and has toured extensively with the likes of Lightning Bolt and Zu.
 A European tour kicks off in February.

Feb 13 - Bologna, IT @ Freakout Club
Feb 14 - Pescara, IT @ Scumm
Feb 15 - Rome, IT @ Klang
Feb 22 - Busto Arsizio @ Circolo Gagarin
Mar 6 - Torino, IT @ Blah Blah
Mar 7 - Marseille, FR @ L'Embobineuse
Mar 8 - Toulouse, FR @ Les Pavillons Sauvages
Mar 9 - Rennes, FR @ Le Terminus
Mar 10 - Nantes, FR @ La Scène Michelet
Mar 11 - Bruxelles, BE @ Magasin 4
Mar 13 - Freiburg, DE @ Slow Club
Mar 14 - Leipzig, DE @ Zoro
Mar 16 - Berlin, DE @ Schokoladen
Mar 17 - Gdansk, PL @ Dizzy Grizzly
Mar 18 - Warszawa, PL @ Hydrozagadka
Mar 19 - Prague, CZ @ Underdogs
Mar 20 - Linz, AT @ Kapu
Mar 21 - Ljubljana, SI @ Klub Gromka
Mar 22 - Zagreb, HR @ Močvara
Apr 3 - Ravenna, IT @ Bronson

More dates to be announced
Booking: Swamp Booking
Photo by Erica Schneider
Artwork by Michele Servadio
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