lunedì 5 dicembre 2016

New teaser + streaming full album on Noisey

Con il secondo video teaser di ''Creatura'' inizia l'ultimo countdown per l'uscita ufficiale del nuovo album marchiato OvO, prodotto da Dio Drone e in arrivo QUESTO VENERDì, data in cui partirà anche il tour italiano e europeo.
L'album è fruibile in anteprima streaming su Noisey:
queste le date:
09/12 Savona, Rain Dogs
10/12 Firenze, Next Emerson
15/12/ Roma, Dal Verme Birthday
16/12 Milano, Lo Fi
17/12Torino, Magazzino sul Po, Ongapalooza
21/12 L' Aquila, Asilo Occupato
22/12 Avellino, Ynot
23/12 Lamezia Terme, Vinyl
26/12 Reggio Calabria, CSOA Cartella
27/12 Messina, Retronouveau
28/12 Itri, Muviments
29/12 Molfetta, Macerie Baracche Ribelli
30/12 Taranto, Cooperativa Owen
05/01 Frattamaggiore, Sound Music Club
06/01 Foligno, Zut
07/01 Venezia, Spazio Aereo
08/01 Loreto, Reasonanz
12/01 Bologna, Freakout
13/01 Bergamo, Druso
19/01 Ravenna, Bronson
20/01 Fontanafredda, Astro
21/01 Carpi, Ekidna Re-opening
27/01 Sassari, The Hor
28/0/2017 Cagliari, Fabrik
01/02 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Gromka
02/02 Graz, Austria, Interpenetration
03/02 Bratislava, Slovakia, FUGA
04/02 Tabor, Czech Republic, MC Orion
05/02 Leipzig, Germany, AKKO
06/02 Berlin, Germany, West Germany
08/02 Gent, Belgium, Kinky Star
09/02 Amiens, France, Accueil Froid
10/02 Bruxelles, Belgium, Magasin 4
12/02 Epinal, France, Les Voyageurs Du Son
13/02 Zurich, Switzerland, Boschbar
16/02 Lyon, France, Ground Zero
17/02 Dijon, France, La Manufacture Sonore
18/02 Neuchatel, Switzerland, Queen Kong Klub
19/02 Paris, France, B Plan
ricordiamo al gentile pubblico che l'LP di ''Creatura'' è già disponibile in pre-order sulla pagina bandcamp di Dio Drone

mercoledì 30 novembre 2016

Freakout premier streaming on Cvltnation + new ovo creatura Teaser

"It’s time for the freaks of the world to unite! I know what the soundtrack should be for this celebration of all things different: the new LP from OvO entitled Creatura which will be released on Dec. 9th via Dio Drone. I fucking love the dirgy ocean of pulsating noise that this band creates! CVLT Nation has been given the honor of sharing with you the new OvO song “Freakout” below…it’s time to get your freak on homies!!!"

mercoledì 16 novembre 2016

New OvO Single "Eternal Freak" on The Quietus
Next month sees the release of a new album from Italy's OvO, and we're premiering album track 'Eternal Freak' above right now.

The track is taken from forthcoming album Creatura which will be released by Dio Drone on December 9, and it's punctuated by slamming, swampy drums, squalls of feedback and punchy guitar riffs, as well as Stefania Pedretti's no-holds-barred vocal.

The pair have banked on a recently established label in Dio Drone to release the album, opting for a more DIY approach with the sharing of the album in comparison to past album campaigns. In addition to providing vocals and guitars for the album, Stefania Pedretti has also contributed to the record with field recordings captured during OvO’s tour in Vietnam. An extensive tour is planned in support of the album following its release.

venerdì 11 novembre 2016

"Zombie Stomp" featured on Stereogum

"Zombie Stomp" featured on Stereogum! Our new song is in streaming since yesterday, and people already renamed it ZOMBIE STRUMP!!! Enjoy, and don't panic..

"Italy’s OvO (note: no relation toToronto's OvO) are a band who’ve built their career on sheer persistence, rather than any pre-existing constituency. They play music — rhythmic noise, really — that simmers with a flat-affect malice, owing equal debts to extreme metal, noise rock, industrial music, and dark electronica. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but a deeply satisfying one if you can get it down. In spite of the high barriers to entry, OvO have convinced quite a few to take this dive over the course of their 16-year run.

Their ninth effort, Creatura, arrives at an opportune moment. Lurching metal/noise collages topped with wordless shrieking will never be a major commercial force, but the transgressive approach OvO employs is enjoying some deserved public interest; fellow travelers like Author & Punisher, Prurient, the Body, and Gnaw are enjoying a day in the sun. Creatura demonstrates that its creators can run with this nauseating sound as well as anybody. Like previous advance track “Satanam”, “Zombie Stomp” pretty much does what it says on the tin. Quicker and more insistent than Ovo’s typical pessimistic lurch, the tune drives forward with a feverish energy, and its static washes hide a melodic heart that calls ’80s slasher scores to mind. Listen."

lunedì 31 ottobre 2016

New videoclip "Satanam" from "Creatura" album

"Esce oggi in anteprima esclusiva su Rumore "Satanam" il primo singolo tratto da "Creatura" il nuovo album degli OvO in uscita il 9 dicembre su Dio Drone"

La scoperta di un segreto, una rivelazione che porta scompiglio tra gli obliqui abitanti di una roulotte, corse, riti e l’invocazione degli OvO che in questo videoclip 
sono apparizione
 e albero di vita e morte.
Natalia Saurin
director of photography
Stefano Puttin
Igor Zilioli
produced by
OVO and Endos
Ovo (Stafania Pedretti and Bruno Dorella)
Massimiliano Rassu
Eva G.
Lour Des
Enrico Guardigli
Erica Schneider
Francesca Morello
Ovo costumes by Francesca Morello

giovedì 20 ottobre 2016

Creatura Tour



09/12/2016 Savona, Rain Dogs 

10/12/2016 Firenze, Next Emerson 

15/12/2016 Roma, Dal Verme Birthday 

16/12/2016 Milano, Lo Fi 

17/12/2016 Torino, Officine Corsare 

23/12/2016 Lamezia Terme, Vinyl 

27/12/2016 Messina, Retronouveau 

28/12/2016 Itri, Muviments 

29/12/2016 Molfetta, Macerie Baracche Ribelli 

30/12/2016 Taranto, Cooperativa Owen 

05/01/2017 Frattamaggiore, Sound Music Club 

06/01/2017 Foligno, Zut 

07/01/2017 Venezia, Spazio Aereo 

08/01/2017 Loreto, Reasonanz 

13/01/2017 Bergamo, Druso 

14/01/2017 Bologna, Freakout 

19/01/2017 Ravenna, Bronson 

20/01/2017 Fontanafredda, Astro 

21/01/2017 Carpi, Ekidna Re-opening 

27/01/2017 Sassari, The Hor 

28/01/2017 Cagliari, Fabrik 


02/02/2017 Graz, Austria, Interpenetration TBC 

03/02/2017 Bratislava, Slovakia, FUGA 

04/02/2017 Tabor, Czech Republic, MC Orion 

05/02/2017 Leipzig, Germany, AKKO 

06/02/2017 Berlin, Germany, West Germany 

08/02/2017 Gent, Belgium, Kinky Star 

09/02/2017 Amiens, France, Accueil Froid 

10/02/2017 Bruxelles, Belgium, Magasin 4 

11/02/2017 Aschaffenbugh, Germany, Stern 

13/02/2017 Zurich, Switzerland, Boschbar 

17/02/2017 Dijon, France, La Manufacture Sonore 

18/02/2017 Neuchatel, Switzerland, Queen Kong Klub 

19/02/2017 Paris, France, TBA 


venerdì 14 ottobre 2016

Ovo sonorizzano il "FRANKENSTEIN" di James Whale

Ovo sonorizzano il "FRANKENSTEIN" di James Whale 
31/10 Parma, Titty Twister
01/11 Umbertide , UMBERTIDEAD - Festival di cinema horror d'autore (3° edizione), Cinema Metropolis